Working with improvements

Now that our convention has gone to history we’d like to use this website for the BC Gothenburg group in the future. So right now I am working on moving the old pages, so that they still are available for future reference but don’t clutter up our current existence. 🙂

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Restaurants for Saturday

Oh my how much work can go into deciding what restaurant to go to. Without the help of our fellow bookcrossers it would have been difficult to master. Thank you so much all who helped us make the calls and all who step up to the task of leading a group to the restaurant on Saturday evening.

Now we just have to solve the issue of some restaurants wanting to know before hand what we want to eat.

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When this is over…

When this is over I am hoping to have time to read, read and read.

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Trying to keep up to date

Things have been hectic. Now we need to get this website up to date. We have added some information for those who cannot make it in person. We have written a skeleton of a program. Now I need to figure out how to get these blog posts to show even though I deleted the blog main page at one stage. /elis

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Coming along…

It has been two weeks already since the Book Fair in Gothenburg form which we made a presentation via Skype at the UK Unconvention in Colchester. Poor pingucb who had to show the power point while read our presentation without much chance of practicing at all while since it was sent very late.

Un top of that I had completely forgot about the time difference. Well hopefully I didn’t come off as too rude before I figured that out. Perhaps they wrote it down to me being a foreigner and speaking a foreign language – I hope.

Too bad we didn’t really have many answers to the questions we got via Skype. It would be different now. Now we know where we’ll be at the convention. WE HAVE OUR VENUE, Norges hus. Yay! and another Yay! for our first hotel-discount. Hotel Vasa answered very positively that they can give a discount to all bookcrossers who like to stay at their hotel during the convention. Yay!

It is coming along…

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Annual bookcrossing convention 2013

The annual book crossing convention 2013 will be held in Sweden, in Gothenburg (Göteborg) April 19-21.

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