If you can’t come

If you can’t come to the convention but still want to participate in some ways we have several ideas for you. We’ll keep adding them to this page…

View us on Bambuser

We will try to air part of the convention on Bambuser. Bambuser lets you send live broadcasts vid internet for free.

If it works we’ll send the bid for 2015, the flashmob and some greetings from your fellow bookcrossers. The times to “tune” in will be posted here and on the forum. However, you can always watch it later on too. Check out elis-fromSweden’s channel on Bambuser.

All the times below are CET (Central European Time) and we are on Daylight Savings time. You can always whats what has been sent afterwards and we can’t promise that we’ll manage these exact times or that audio and visual will be perfect.


  • While getting organized , 1 minute around 14.00
  • When opening registration, 1-2 minutes at 15.00
  • Around 17.30, 1-2 minutes
  • Send a greeting, 19.30
  • Paning over the venue and the activities at 20.15


  • Send a greeting at 12.30
  • The flashmob at approximately 13.45


  • The bid for 2015 at 10.45-11.00

Send books to the convention

You can send books to the convention. They will be journaled by BC Gothenburg bookshelf so you’ll know they have arrived and later on released at the convention. Of course this method is also available to you if you are coming to the convention but want to travel light

Please contact nalle42 by sending a PM via their BC-bookshelf to get a current address to send to.

Contribute to the goodie bag

Perhaps you do some crafts or perhaps you have some nice postcards, or information you want to give out. We accept contributions to the goodie bags and really you don’t have to feel you need to find something for each bag, we can combine it with other contributions. So, if you want to contribute with let’s say 20 bookmarks that would be plenty enough. Please send a PM to elis-fromSweden and let us know what you would like to contribute (so we know what to expect) and we’ll give you an address.