This program is as updated and correct as we can promise at this stage. With that said you should know that everything can change at any time. Hopefully this will turn out to be correct at the end as well.

Friday 19th of April

15.00 Registration opens
Book buffet and NSS tables opens
Time to chat and get acquainted

18.00 Short welcome to Gothenburg

Icebreaker games
Craft tables opens. Learn how to “slynga band”.

18.30-19.30 a mini Supply Store is open

18.30 A savory snack and some finger food

19.45-20.45 Try some swedish folk dance. Ylva and Magnus Ewaldz helps you out.

21.00 Fika (Buns, coffe, tea)

22.00 Let’s call it a night!

The Swedish Ship Götheborg is a genuine working ship with a vibrant history.

The Swedish Ship Götheborg is a genuine working ship with a vibrant history.

Saturday 20th of April

9.30 Registration opens for those who arrive today

9.30-10.00 Learn how to ”Slynga band” (create a ribbon that can be used for bookmarks and more…).

Coffee, tea and some fruit are available

10.00 Opening/general information and some surprises

10.30-11.15  Olle SahlinWhat shall we do with granny? Or – what it takes to be a translator

11.20-12.05 Anna HenrikssonFrom the author’s mind to the reader’s shelf

12.10-13.10 The Supply Store is open with all the material available

12.45 Saturdays raffle and table of favourites (chocolate)

13.00 Pack the books you want to bring to the release walk

13.30 Flash mob in Bältesspännarparken. Release walk with treasure hunt and lunchbreak. There are plenty of restaurants on the way to stop for lunch.

16.30-17.00 Tobb and elis-fromSweden awaits by the last question on the treasure hunt to collect the questionnaires (you may also bring them to the dinner meet up at 18.30)

18.30 We gather for dinner. Meeting spot is Götaplatsen with the statue Poseidon

19.00 Dinner at restaurants on the town (Remember to sign up before noon on the lists available at the venue.)

Poseidon photo Dick Gillberg//


Sunday 21st of April

10.25 Registration (for people attendning only Sunday)

10.25-11.00 Supply Store open (if anything left)

10.25 Book buffet opens with what is left

10.30 Melbourne Convention 2014 presentation

10.45 Bids for convention 2015 presentations

11.00 Ardik/BC

11.15-12.00 Author talk – Writing as a Refuge: A Conversation with Adnan Mahmutovic

12.00 Author signing and book sale

12.15 Prize giving, raffle, table of favourite (tea/cookies)

12.30 Supply Store open if anything left

12.30-13.30 The unconference part of the convention

13.30 Lets wrap this up.  Time to say good bye.