Bus Tour – Thursday April 18th

For those arriving early to Gothenburg we are offering a daytrip outside of Gothenburg, visiting the surrounding.

Thursday, April 18, 2013, leaving Gothenburg at 8:30 – arriving back about 18:30

The journey goes through two of Sweden’s 25 counties, Västergötland and Bohuslän.

You can register for the tour until April 5th. First come first served!

We have access buses in different sizes and as soon as we have enough participants to fill the smallest one, you will receive a message about how and when to pay. You will also receive a message about where the bus starts. After that we keep on taking registrations and send out the next confirmation e-mail when we use the next size instead.

The price is 500 SEK per person. This includes: Bus ride, ferry, all entrance fees and guided tours, lunch and coffee in the afternoon


At 08.30 we start from Gothenburg and the journey goes north along the E45. At Lödösehus a guide is waiting to tell you about Lödöse – Gothenburg medieval predecessor.

We continue on the E45 and then turn off the motorway towards the beautiful Tunhem district where we make a small detour to the church Västra Tunhem to see along the way a series of caves in the mountain foothills, deep pits where they used to mine limestone. There are also the remains of lime kilns and large piles of burnt shale, “rödfyr”.

There is also the possibility of a short visit to the beautiful 1700-century church with medieval elements that today are extremely popular as a baptismal and wedding church.

At Bergagården on Hunneberg we eat lunch consisting of soup, main dish (meat), salad, homemade bread, butter and coffee at the restaurant Spiskupan.

We then walk over to the Royal Hunt Museum Elk Mountain. The Royal Hunt Museum, is a museum quite out of the ordinary. It is an exciting adventure That tells the story of the plateau mountains of Halle and Hunne, interesting cultural history of the area, traditional royal hunt, fantastic nature and the thrilling gold treasure from Vittene. Welcome to a fascinating world of mountains!

From here we travel on towards Marstrand (an island) where we drink afternoon coffee on Koön (an island) before we go on the ferry over to the island of Marstrand. Here we walk 400 yards to Carlsten Fortress at the top of Marstrand, where today’s third and final guide greets us.

It is now time for the journey home and we go to Gothenburg which we calculate to reach about 18.30.

Welcome to a rich and varied day!

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Please fill in the form below no later than April 5th. Wait for the confirmation e-mail that lets you know how to pay. (You do need to pay in advance and you will use the same account as for the registration for the convention, however we want to know that the bustour will fill up before people pay, rather than having to pay you your money back.)


2 Responses to Bus Tour – Thursday April 18th

  1. Xarodoc says:

    Hi there!
    I booked my fights and will take part at the bus tour should it happen.

  2. swedishelis says:

    Sounds great Xarodoc! Now you can register.

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