Book buffet

It wouldn’t be a bookcrossing convention without the book buffet. We expect greatness!

Norges hus has a release zone that we recommend you to use for the convention.


Releasezone: Sweden-Västergötland-Göteborg-Norges hus

The tables will be marked and you’ll be able to sort your books with the following theme or language.

  • Audiobooks – all languages
  • Children’s books – all languages
  • Gothenburg/Sweden/Convention 2013 – all languages
  • Books in Swedish, Norwegian or Danish
  • Books in German
  • Books in English
  • All other languages
  • Not-to-be-wild-released – all languages

Hopefully all the categories are easy to understand.

The books that fall under the not-to-be-wild-released are the ones you want to find a special reader that takes care of them, perhaps a rare book that is part of a series or some other reason. We can not guarantee that this will be respected by everyone. If your book have not found a new reader when the convention is over please feel free to take the book home with you. Our ambition is to find an OBCZ to put these books in. However, Gothenburg is scarce of Official BookCrossing Zones so we cannot guarantee this.


2 Responses to Book buffet

  1. Jannike says:

    I do not understand this category: Gothenburg/Sweden/Convention 2013 – all languages.
    Do you mean books about Gothenburg and Sweden? (non-fiction) or fiction which takes place in Gothenburg and Sweden, or both?

  2. swedishelis says:

    Yes, we mean all those things. Books about Gothenburg or Sweden. Perhaps books set in Gothenburg, or by an author from Gothenburg.

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