Dinner Saturday

Saturday evening we’ll go out to eat, together but apart. There will be five restaurant to chose from. Below you can see the restayrants and read their menus.  You can also see how many seats we have pre-booked and who is the bookcrosser that will take care of you.

How big the group can be depends on the restaurant, what they would accept. Lists will be available at the convention from about 17.00 on Friday evening. You should put your name on the list for the restaurant you want to go to. You will need to sign up before 12.00 noon on Saturday on the lists at the convention.

Vivaldi http://www.restaurangvivaldi.com/ – 20 spots, BAMP
Spice of Asia http://www.spiceofasia.se – 20 spots, Deepswamp
Masala Berzeliigatan http://masalakitchen.se/berzeliigatan/ – 15 spots,  mariabokmal 
Smaka http://www.smaka.se/ – 20 spots, The-Mad-Swede

UPDATE! Due to a misunderstanding our fifth restaurant is no longer an option. We are working on an alternative. Sorry for the inconvenience

On this page you can write comments so if you have any comments on the restaurants please write below.


18 Responses to Dinner Saturday

  1. discoverylover says:

    Can I please be put on the Smaka list please?

    • swedishelis says:

      It looks like a great restaurant, doesn’t it? There will be lists available to sign up at the convention venue. I changed the text a little to make that clear.

      Smaka wants two know beforehand what food people want to order so read through their menu to have that decided when you sign up.

      • discoverylover says:

        Thanks! I mostly chose that one because trip advisor says they’ve got vegetarian options, and I can get Italian, Asian, and Indian food pretty much anywhere!!

      • swedishelis says:

        Yeah we tried to find some nice Swedish alternatives that still within a reasonable price range. Skojarbacken also has some traditional food, more Swedish if you like, but are a bit more expensive and I can only find one vegetarian alternative on their menu. It sounds great though that one alternative.

      • discoverylover says:

        Does Skojarbacken have a vegetarian option without mushroom? Smaka seemed to have two, one with and one without!

      • swedishelis says:

        If I translate their vegetarian option it says A muffin on root vegetables (is that the term?)with asparagus of different kinds, cheese, and a mash on “boiled broken potatoes”. It sounds very tasty in Swedish even if it doesn’t come across in my translation.

    • Moem says:

      Aha! I’ll happily join you there, because Smaka’s potato dumplings stuffed with mushrooms with browned butter and lingonberries sounds like something I’d enjoy. 🙂

  2. releanna says:

    I’d like to go to the Masala Berzeliigatan

  3. ApoloniaX says:

    Can’t decide at the moment – Spice of Asia or Masala Kitchen. Both have some nice veggie offers…

  4. nalle42 says:

    Vivaldi have one or two vegetarian options on there buffet

  5. LeishaCamden says:

    Ooh, Indian for me, please … ! 🙂

  6. Ingelög says:

    If you need another option of Restaurant, Yummy Kitchen, at Andra Långgatan have great vegan alternatives, Vietnamesan food
    I think … Great taste anyway.
    And Thali at Värmlandsgatan, also in the same area, Linné-area, is a quite new full-vegetarian Indian restaurant, not very large inside though, and popular Saturday nights.

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