Not So Secret gift giving

Not So Secret

Not So Secret (NSS) gift giving works along the lines of a Secret Santa. However it is, Not So Secret because it involves bookcrossing books, hence letting the recipient find out who their parcel was from.

The minimum requirement for an NSS parcel is a bookcrossing registered book and an additional gift, but the sky is your limit.

The coordinator of the NSS for the convention in Gothenburg is discoverylover. If you want to take part in the NSS you should contact discoverylover via PM. Send along your real name, your BC alias and information about where your giftgiver can find your wishlist(s). You wishlist could be the one on or you can have additional items (sweets and other stuff) listed on your bookshelf, or you could perhaps have a wishlist somewhere else (a webbased bookstore, webpage, blog etc). Please, also include other useful information for the gift giver to know.

Address details are not needed as parcels are either gifted in person or left on the dedicated NSS table at the event.

Look out for more NSS information from discoverylover on the bookcrossing forums.


Send you PM no later than March 10.
You’ll find out who your recipient are no later than March 15.