The idea of an unconference is that it is the visitors that create the schedule. That nothing is decided beforehand – hence the “un”. Here we have decided to cheat a little and put up a few subjects before hand just to give you an idea of how you can participate.

There will be a grid on the wall in the small conference room at the venue. There will be parallell spots available to put up your topic for a session. When you put it up it need to contain your bc-alias, the name of the session and what type if session. For instance “elis-fromSweden, children’s books, a conversation on what makes a good children’s book and possibly a presentation of your favourite within the genre.”

What you put up on the grid is up to you. Perhaps there is something you want to lecture about or perhaps you want to give people a possibility to ask you questions about label making or you want to have a workshop in efficient book reading. You only have 15 minutes at your disposal, so use your time wisely. If you put up a subject on the grid you are expected to be at that session and take and active role in getting it started.



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