Gothenburg -facts

Göteborg – Facts

Here follows some different facts about Gothenburg.

close to 900 000 in the so called Large-Gothenburg (incl some small areas outside the centre). Otherwise approx 500 000.

Where is the second largest city in Sweden located?
Gothenburg is located on the west coast on both sides of the river Göta Älv – at the bay Kattegatt.

Gothenburg was founded year 1621 by King Gustav II Adolf.

Göteborg - Lilla LondonFun factsWhy is Gothenburg called “Little London”?

In the 1800´s Gothenburg started to become more industrial and this was a great deal to the many Scottish and English businessmen that had moved to Gothenburg. At this time we had big trade over the North Sea with Great Britain.
Many Englishmen and Scotsmen became very wealty as among other: Carnegie, Chalmers, Chapman, Dickson, Hall and Keiller. They donated some of their fortune to Gothenburg and this ended in that the city got it´s Library, University and Hospital. These persons made a good impression on the town and so for that reason, the name “Little London”. 

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The following link goes to a film on youtube that was made by one of tobb‘s documentary filmstudents a while back. It presents views of Gothenburg, mostly winter pictures though.

The photo featured at the top comes from The photos below are taken by two of the committee members 2012 in the spring around the time for the convention.